Exclusive Interview With DJ Daisy Dukes [By: Ciera Chantál]


I recently had the chance to interview DJ Daisy Dukes. DJ Daisy Dukes is a nationally known published model, spokesperson, and COREDJ. In this interview she opens up about being a female DJ in a male dominated industry. She is definitely a positive person with a great prospective on the entertainment industry.



She began taking Dj lessons from Dj Slowpoke the best street Dj in the bay and Raphael Saadiqs nephew. After continious practice and dedication Erica became comfortable in her skills. Erica then became DJ Diva E and started doing local parties and gigs. It was when DJ Diva E was improving her skills at a known strip club in the Bay area, the ladies found a new name for the curvaceous young woman. With her flare for style, makeup and DJ’n DJ Daisy Dukes was born.Not satisfied with DJ’n on the local scene of the Bay area, Daisy Dukes found her way to Las Vegas in 2009 to the Semi Annual National Core DJ Retreat. It was there that her Dj Daisy Dukes presents 2010 calender gained the attention of CEO and Founder of The Core Djs Tony Neal.

 When approaching the Core regarding her desire to be a part of the Coalition, she did not just want to do it from the DJ aspect. DJ Daisy Dukes wanted to show not only the men of the DJ industry but the world that she was a beautiful woman who could not only look good hosting and modeling, but could rock a party behind the turn tables as well.DJ Daisy Dukes, the same young girl who mastered several instruments, read and wrote music, went to college was now in a fast paced COREDJ Boot Camp with the nationally known Tony Neal.

 Since then COREDJ DaisyDukes has toured with the top recording rapper Trina.Opened up shows for Plies,Bun B, and Webbie to name a few. She has hosted parties for Nicki Minaj and Monstercable dj’d and hosted events all over the country.She won 2011 female DJ of the Year for the Southern Entertainment Awards beating out top female djs all across the country. 

 Dj DaisyDukes was made a Monster Dj in 2011 also has also been sponsered by Traktor Pro. The end of 2011 Daisy went on underground hip hop tour in Europe. Visiting Switzerland, France, Germany, and Austria. After being published in Straight Stuntin twice, and sweets magazine with frequent features on popular urban eye candy sites such as Dynastyseries.com, and wiz dailydose, GGurls, and All American dimes Plus Many Many MORE Website Features. She was Most recently featured in Black Men’s Magazine in Jan 2013 and was choosen to participate in a BestBuy Commerical Yet To be Aired in 2014.

Erica Carter ak.a. DJ Daisy Dukes is a nationally known published model, spokesperson, and COREDJ looking to make her way to being the biggest female DJ of all times.