Everyone Should Listen To This J. Cole Interview


I watched this J. Cole video months ago. However I was not in a place to receive the message J. Cole delivered. I am at a different place now and I get it. I received the message in its entirety. There are so many messages that he delivered in this video. Watch it and take away something. Watch a couple of times if you just don’t get it.



Recently my life has shifted in a direction that seems a little bit scary.  Back in July I could feel that my life was progressing, but I was not sure in what way or what was going to happen. Now I understand that my position had to evolve. I was too comfortable in my situation. To be great, to be powerful you cannot always be comfortable. Your inner beast comes out when your back is to the wall and you have to literally fight your way to purpose.


The power of positive thinking!! I’m claiming it. It’s going to happen.

Posted by Ciera Chantál on Friday, July 24, 2015

Video Spotted @ Montreality