Erica Mena Threatened To Slap Radio Host Angela Yee


Love & Hip Hops star Erica Mena is quite the firecracker on and off the television. She has a reputation for getting rowdy and allegedly getting beat up. Seems like this girl has it out for everybody. She should soften up a little.



Erica went on her latest rampage with Power 105.1 Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee. Apparently Erica didn’t appreciate Yee tweeting out “What do ya’ll think of Erica Mena’s singing” and retweeting all types of disrespectful slur.



Erica is down to tweef, she responded in a very violent way. At least she mentioned Angela directly, instead of talking trash indirectly. Angela is a radio personality, she just asked a question. I have a feeling that her intentions weren’t all that bad.


Do you think Angela was being messy? 

Listen To Erica Mena’s new song Fantasy: Here