Erica Mena Is Still Antagonizing Poor Angela Yee Shows Up At Her Job



Erica Mena is either about that life or desperately seeking attention. I posted the other day about the twitter beef she had going with radio host Angela Yee. Well the drama is still going on because clearly Erica is not ready to drop it.

This morning Erica showed up to Angela’s job with donuts. How crazy is that? I guess she was using the donuts as a potential way to get into the building to put hands on Angela.


This type of behavior is laughable. Erica should think about what she’s doing before she does it. Power 105.1 is a very influential station. How does she plan on having a real music career if she burns bridges before she even start the trail? Angela knew what she was doing when she sent the initial tweet, but ultimately Yee’s getting the last laugh.





spotted over at bossip

Who’s side are you on?