Erica & Lil Scrappy Seem To Be Doing Well But Where Is Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson?


There have been massive rumors surrounding Love & Hip Hop’s Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon. On the show we see that they have a rocky relationship, which seem to be common amongst young black couples with a child/children.



It’s being reported that Lil Scrappy and Erica are now engaged. This led me to think about Scappy’s bestfriend/f*ckbuddy Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson. I wonder how is she taking to Erica and Scrappy relationship. Obviously Erica is more than just his child’s mother.

Recently Buckeey tweeted a picture hugged up with a chocolate brother, that wears a stank face. The guy is an alleged R&B singer, named Myko. I have never heard of him, or even seen him. When I first saw the picture the guy looked like he wasn’t enjoying the hug, so they may not be a couple. But who knows, look at the picture below and you be the judge.