Erica Dixon & Her New Boyfriend Sharing Intimate Family Moments + Scrappy & Bambi Clubbing


Erica wrote: “Our journey isn’t over but we believe. #faith #blessed#favored. and were both GAY but you though you knew”…. She means Gay as in happy, but he’s clearly trade.



Things are getting pretty serious between Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Dixon and her trade bottom, I mean boyfriend O’shea Russell. O’shea was around today for Erica’s daughter’s first day of school..Wonder if Lil Scrappy was there too with his good boo Bambi?

Erica’s mom Mignon Dixon posted the above picture this morning with the caption: Truly Blessed.


I’m guessing Mignon is glad her daughter is no longer in that emotionally draining, dysfunctional love triangle with Scappy, Momma Dee, and his other flock of whores.

Scrappy and his latest “bestfriend/cut buddy” Bambi were posted up at a club together. To me Scrappy is childish, he just wants somebody because Erica has moved on. Remember when he came running back to Erica after Diamond left him. He should  learn how to be by himself because these little relationships aren’t working out all that well for him.


lil scrappy and bambi