Erica Dixon Address Rumors About Reconciling With Lil’ Scrappy [Video]



Last month I reported that Lil’ Scrappy and Erica Dixon was working on getting back together. These two co-parents have been spotted out together which sparked several rumors.

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Erica has opened about her  relationship status. She says she’s currently single, but I have a feeling she’s creeping with her ex fiancé.


“People do change and evolve for the better, so you never know what the future holds,” she told Big Tigger.

“I’ve always been told you always look forward and move forward. You don’t go backwards,” she said. “That’s what I’ve always been told.”


  • So is that a yes or no? Lol
  • Oh really….Hmm!
  • man i cant wait to see their mess go down on the upcoming LHHATL season.
    Scrappy is so messy with the situation between Erica and Shay
  • MrsGrapevine
    It’s all for ratings, and it’s sad. You get what you get and wonder why you can’t find a good man. Has she changed him yet? Nope!!!
  • twanatells
    I wouldn’t be suprised they both need a story line for next season
  • cottenkandi
    Man I hope not these chicks never learn. smh