Eddie George Don’t You Know It’s 2am (Rachel Connor Scandal)

NFL Hall of Famer Eddie George has found himself in the midst of scandal. Eddie is married to SWV’s Taj but earlier this week he was found in the car with 21 year-old pro-golfer Rachel Connor. Rachel was pulled over and charged for a D.U.I. at 2 in the morning. I know when I first heard this story, I was thinking to myself ‘Why is he in the car with a drunk woman at 2 in the morning.’

Many will jump to assumptions and say that he was having an affair with Rachel. We all know nothing is open at those hours but legs. But maybe, that’s not the case. Who knows what really was going on.

Eddie released a statement in attempt to clear up the messy rumors:

“As part of a two-day charity golf event, a group of us who had played together on Tuesday celebrated at dinner. The group included Rachel Connor.”

“After dinner, as everyone left the restaurant together, we realized that Rachel lived the closest to where I was staying. So she offered to drop me off. I believed her to be competent to drive and not impaired at all. We were stopped shortly after we left.”

“At first, I hesitated to respond to this story. But I now see that people are willing to think the worst. So my wife, Tamara , and I believe we have to address this.”

“Rachel Connor was simply trying to be nice by offering me a ride. No one in our group felt she was impaired or we all would have stopped her from driving.”

Check Out Taj and Eddie discuss the their relationship: