Draya Michele & Chantel Christie Twitter Beef Over Orlando Scandrick [Video]


Draya Michelle is stirring up drama just in time for the new season of Basketball Wives:LA. Apparently Draya started a relationship with her now boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick while he was dating Jackie Christie’s daughter, Chantel Christie.

Recently Draya and Chantel were on Twitter throwing subliminal shade at each other.

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How ironic is this situation?  Draya hooking up with her Jackie’s daughter’s good boo (messy, messy, messy). From the Basketball Wives preview clip, we see that this situation is going to unfold in a big way on the show. It leaves me to wonder is this just made for tv drama?




Beautiful, smart, successful ladies should not act a fool over a man, it is never worth it.


According to TMZ, Draya had problems back in Novemeber, with other cast mates talking negatively about her man. Even in the latest Draya video, she discussed what she does if she suspects Orlando is cheating. I think Draya has trust issues because she knows that more than likely, Orlando is not faithful.

“Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele has had just about her fill of the show — after cast tensions culminated in an all-out brawl last month inside an L.A. nightclub, leaving one girl with a black eye.

Sources close to production tell us, the fight broke out after co-star Sundy Carter badmouthed Draya’s new boyfriend Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick — and Draya snapped.

We’re told it got so bad, the girls had to be physically pulled apart, and Sundy walked away with a black eye.

We’re told the trash talking has been a huge issue the last few weeks, with cast members maligning Scandrick, basically calling him a philandering scumbag … among other things .. and Draya simply reached a breaking point.

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