Draya Michele Clears Up Anti-Darkskin Model Rumors


Months ago following Draya Michele’s promotional pictures for clothing line ‘Fine Ass Girls’ fans went in. Out of all Draya’s model there was not one brown or chocolate girl in sight. Many people felt as though Draya was sending a message that read dark skin girls aren’t “fine”. The Basketball Wives: LA star claims that this was unintentional.

Draya says that she doesn’t see color…This may be true, but you need to think about branding and attracting more than on demographic when your producing a clothing line. I don’t one-hundred percent buy Draya’s excuse. Read her response for yourself and let me know if you feel where she’s coming from.



You’ve been getting a lot of ridicule on Instagram by people who feel you only find beauty in lighter skinned women, how do you feel about that?
Oh good! I am in no way biased or do I prefer light skin or dark skin it’s just that the people that model my clothing are my friends in real life. I don’t hire models and I don’t have castings and say “not her or her.” These are just my friends and these are just regular girls and I just pick them based on if them being my friends, I don’t see color. It’s just about how the shirt looks, so really I could use headless pictures, it’s just about if my t-shirt looks good that’s all I really care about.

Source: Vibe Vixen

  • People need to find something else to talk about. She’s just choosing girls that are more similar to her that’s what I think!
    • cottenkandi
      I agree with Meiqua people choose people they most relate to and sometimes look like.
    • Exactly and there’s nothing wrong with that!
  • KiaSoto
    Have some seats- fine ass girl
  • Gumbumper
    people have issue to worry about
  • I would like to believe brown skinned women wouldn’t be caught dead in her tacky clothes.
  • MrsGrapevine
    She’s kissed brown skin girls and probably other things as well. I believe her, she was just having a night out with the girls that showed up, most of them are the same.
  • Sarah
    LOL @ Nicola.
  • DivaWhispers
    people read too much into things…if the world becomes more secure with THEMSELVES then it wouldn’t even matter who she chooses…cause i’m dark skin and i’m a fine ass girl and I don’t have to be part of her line to prove it!
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Clothes are terrible… Girls all look similar!
  • Yazmar
    All Draya has going for her is body and looks..not rocket science.