Drake The New King Of Hip Hop?


I know you’re probably thinking that Drake is more like the king of R&B/Hip Hop much like Ashanti was in the early 2000s than the king Hip Hop. According to USA  in a 12-month analysis of social conversations, the real king of hip-hop is Drake.

According to Networked Insights’ look at rappers with the largest number of social conversations across Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums over the past year, Drake ranks first with 46.2 million, nearly double the total of runner-up West.

The six rappers dominating social media:

1. Drake – 46,212,641

2. Kanye West – 25,418,362

3. Lil Wayne – 22,052,209

4. Rick Ross – 16,113,915

5. Jay-Z – 16,022,820

6. 2Chainz – 13,628,752


I definitely believe Drake ranks so highly on social media site conversations because of all the scrutiny he gets. Remember those infamous photo bomb Instagram photos of Drake going around on Instagram/Twitter. People might be talking about Drake, but not in good way. You know what they say all publicity is good publicity.

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  • Twana Tells
    Drake definitely makes great music
  • KiaSoto
    who knows but its possible he is dope
  • HollywoodHiccups
    LOL he wishes!
  • I love Drake, but having a lot of followers doesn’t mean much if they don’t buy your product.
    Okay he’s talented but that’s a bit of a stretch now. Lol
  • MrsGrapevine
    King, NO! Queen Maybe!
    • DivaWhispers
      lmaoooo that’s so funny
  • yazmar
    Queen of scrotum licking if anything….