Drake Disses ‘Control’ Record & Says He Won’t Be Working With Kendrick Lamar


Drake finally directly addressed Kendrick Lamar’s controversial  ‘Control’ verse. People are speculating that Drake was talking about Kendrick on the record ‘Tuscan Leather‘, but Drake has not confirmed it.. Recently on the Big Boy In The Neighbor Hood radio show, Drake discussed the ‘Control’ record and basically said he’ll never do a record with Kendrick Lamar:

I’m probably as done as the rest of the world is with that  [Control ]record. I think it came and went. Not to discredit it — t was a good moment.  At the end of the day it was sort of like fleeting twitter frenzies.  It was cool for what it was. My thing is I like lasting power. I want you still be listening to this album in the summer,  or next year.  It’s not even the music, it wasn’t even about the content of it. It seemed to be about all the bullsh*t and the talking at the time, now everybody is now over it no one plays it.

I feel like [Kendrick]  he made a decision and it was a decision to make. ‘He was like man I’m either going to go with this moment because I know its going to be a big moment or am I going to take heed to the fact that I have real relationships and I’m going to like  NOT do that…’ I thought of doing that before, Like man it’ll be crazy if I like went off on everybody. But its like where does it really get me? Then every time I rap everybody is going to expect me to be confrontational then when I’m not it’s not entertaining.


Listen to the interview below:

  • Gumbumper
    Oh wow
  • ★Javier__Duhhh★
    He make up with Chris now falls out with Kendrick ugh! WE Drake.
    • KiaSoto
  • Black men are sooooo sensitive. LOL.
    • KiaSoto
      they sure are
  • Sarah
    I’m just glad he made up with Breezy. He should stay away from the drama.
    • KiaSoto
      me too
  • MrsGrapevine
    I’m still waiting for Drake’s rap album, since he’s speaking on albums. Love his R&B albums, though.
    • KiaSoto
  • I still have yet to hear this song everybody was going crazy over!
  • cottenkandi
    Looks like Drake got all in his feelings more than he led on. Lol
  • Y@zmar
    Ill take Kendricks rap style over Drakes anyday