Dope Interview | Lil Mo Talks About Dominating R&B Divas, Keyshia Coles Ignorance, And Out Singing All The R&B Chicks


Lil Mo is such a colorful person. She’s very entertaining and you can tell that its genuine. She’s not trying to be extra like some people (ie: Tamar Braxton, Mariah Huq). In the interview with The Breakfast Club she answered questions without holding much back.

The songtress claims to be the star of the new R&B Divas: LA reality show. I can see her being the breakout star, only because I don’t know much about the other ladies personalities. I’m sure Lil Mo will be in a lot of mess. In the inteview she alludes that a lot of the cast members really don’t mess with her.  I just hope there will be drama, ‘cause b**ches love drama.



Did you know she never got paid for any of the songs she did with Ja Rule/Murder Inc:

At first when I was younger, I use to blame it on them….. I remember booking agency sent me one of his front-in deposit, but I voided it shredded and fax them a copy of the ripped check. That’s their admin department. And no I never got a check; not even got paid. I stayed faithful, really to the game.

On why she didn’t do a reality show with her family:

I was told my family is too nice. My parents are too nice. My sister is [ratchet]. She’s trained to go, but she’ll still pray for you.

On never doing a show with Keyshia Cole after she shaded Michelle Williams & Beyonce

I don’t have an issue with her. I felt some type of way, when she shaded Michelle first. I feel like when you try to attack what you think is the weakest link, be careful, that’s the one closest to Bey’s heart. Why are you tryna come for her? She’s at the Superbowl. B*tch you ain’t there. It’s not about what you say it’s all about how you delivered. She could have said ‘dang I would have killed that.’ You start  naming names, you make yourself a target. She’s not gonna say it nobody’s face.

When asked if she can sing circles around Ciara, Keri Hilson, Olivia, Keyshia Cole, she answered [I] can sing cirles around all three of them in a group, even if RocNation backed them. (TALK THAT SHSSHHH MO.)
Mo is such a stan for Beyonce, I really enjoyed this interview. Watch Below: