Doctor Reveals Lil Kim Has Altered Her Face & What Plastic Surgeries She May Have Had


Interview | Lil’ Kim Before The New Face


It’s no secret that Lil Kim has had her faced altered, Stevie can see that. She’s looking like the cat lady. Allegedly she’s bleached her skin, which to me is like the epitome of having low self-esteem. Some may argue that lightening skin for African Americans is equivalent to Caucasians tanning. If you have the money you can do whatever you want. The 38 year-old rapper may have taken it to the extreme. According to Dr. Boris Ackerman she’s undergone a lot of surgery.

Aunt Kim



Dr. Boris Ackerman, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Newport Beach, CA told the New York Daily News:

It looks like “she had her nose operated to make it her nostrils look more narrow. Her facial features like her cheeks and especially her jaw line are essentially unrecognizable,” said Ackerman. “Most likely she had semi-permanent filler placed in those areas.”

“She also appears to have her upper eyelids operated on,” he continued. “Her skin has undergone a significant amount of lightening, which can be done with combination of chemical peel and skin lightening creams.”



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