Diamond Talks About Joining The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop Current Relationship Status With Soulja Boy & Feelings On Being Labeled A Home Wrecker


Every since the first season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta aired everyone was wondering would Diamond and Soulja Boy join the cast. It was rumored that Diamond was scared to be apart of the show because of Momma Dee and Scrappy’s on again/off again relationship with his baby mama Erica Dixon.



Diamond is ready to set the record straight. In a recent interview with Everything Girl’s Love Diamond answered most of the questions we’ve been wanting to know the answers to.


On joining Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta:

“I have answerd that question a million times, but I will answer it again….I won’t.”


On decision not to be on the show last year:

“I’m a strong believer that once you make your mind up about something, you just have to go with it. If it was the wrong decision at least you learned from it. If you don’t make a decision and just in the middle, then you don’t stand for anything. I don’t regret my decision and everything’s good.”


On relationship with Soulja Boy:

“Well, I’m single; but the relationship as far as me and him, we’re best friends so I think that’s what keeps  us so balanced. I learned a lot from him and he learned a lot for me. It’s about seeing each other do well and do great and it’s about give and take. Our foundation is that we’re really, really good friends he’s a good person.”


On making their relationship public:

“It was already out there. If I’m with somebody and we’re on that level that’s what it is; I’m not going to hid it and not live my life. Whatever they see me doing that is what I’m doing, I’m real. If I’m with this person and I feel like taking a picture that’s what I’m gonna do.”


On misconceptions:

“I’m not a home wrecker. I’m wifey material; and a man that has me on his arm would love to wife me up because I’m a wonderful person and I’m down for whoever I’m with and whatever comes with them. If I love you and I’m rolling with you in a relationship, whatever bad and good I take on. And the tattoo that’s going around that’s not my ass. I wouldn’t get a Chanel [logo] tattooed on my ass and If it was me I would say it was me and be like so fucking what I’m in a process of getting tattoos removed actually, because I feel like I have too many and where I’m trying to go I don’t need all these tattoos.”



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