Dating & Relationships : Simple Love


One thing that I have learned over the years is that there are no perfect people so how could there ever be a perfect relationship.

Relationships are hard work. In my opinion love is simple and pure but when you put people in the midst of love everything gets complicated. The reason for this is that we are all complicated beings.

People feel things differently, people communicate differently, there are many entities that go into being with another person which can make things seem complex when it really does not have to be.

I am at the point in my life that I no longer want to deal with the complexities that humans place on love. I just want to love simply. I am going to express my true feelings and when mutual feelings are not returned in the way that I need them to be returned, I am just going to walk away. Walking away from something is easier said then done.

I have to admit I am the person who can barely let go of anything, especially when I feel like I love something. I sometimes hold on to an idea of what could be and this keeps me from walking away from a toxic relationship. I no longer want any toxins in my life. I do not want to deal with pieces of broken men in attempt to making a whole one!

I know what I want and I am not about to settle. I want to be happy and loved. I think I already have that, but its wrapped up in the wrong package. I do not know if I am just being superficial or just sticking to the idea that when my soul mate comes along he’ll feel just right and I won’t have to tailor him to fit and fulfill my spirit.