Dating & Relationships: Are Penis Pics Appropriate?

My friends think I am totally insane for being intrigued by penis pictures. I don’t have a weird fascination with sexting, or anything freaky like that. But I will have to admit that  it is interesting to know what size penis a man has before actually seeing him naked, in the flesh.

I wouldn’t just meet an absolute stranger, start texting him and ask for a peen picture, no. But if I am interested in someone and dating turns into more, before we actually have sex I would hint at wanting to see, the package. I don’t know if this sends the wrong message.  Some men are generally not down for sending their man meat via virtual mail and that’s fine. Those who were scared, I jokingly said they were apart of the LDC (Little D*ck Committee).

Size really isn’t a factor for me. I do not believe a man has to have the biggest penis in the world to be satisfying, nor do I feel as though a man with a little penis couldn’t be amazing in bed. Simply put many women like to window shop before buying.

I have had a penis picture experience that backfired. 

This insanely handsome guy and I used to share intimate photos. I didn’t think anything alarming by it because he lived in another state.  I met him when I lived in some place other than Atlanta. When I first saw him I was attracted to him, but I was dating someone else. A few years after our initial meeting, we reconnected through Facebook. We texted, we talked, everything was pretty kosher until we got on the subject of sex. He wanted to see me naked, I wanted to see him naked so we sent each other provocative pictures.

To my surprise he had a big penis with a curve in it *surfboard*. From then on I started to crush on him. We continued to talk and text. Until we realized that we had a really good friendship connection. He later moved to Atlanta. We are still friends, hell I am in the friendzone. I often fantasize about being with him in a sexual way, but I know that it couldn’t happen. I don’t want to indulge in just a sexual relationship with anyone and I don’t want to ruin a perfectly good friendship. So I’m stuck here in the friendzone after nearly 7 months of celibacy….




This just can’t be life. penispictures

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    I don’t know when those pictures are appropriate, pretty late in the relationship I would hope.