Ciera Talks All Things Thanksgiving


Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a few days away? I wanted to share with my loyal readers my personal thoughts about this joyous holiday and why it means a lot to me.

Why Thanksgiving is important:
Thanksgiving is important to me because it is a time to show gratitude and appreciation.  Spending time with family has always been very important to me.

Focus on the positive and be grateful.

– Katrina Bowden


Favorite thing to do on turkey day:
I don’t want to sound greedy, but I love holiday food. So what I enjoy most on Thanksgiving day is eating myself into a sleep enthused coma. My personal favorite dish on Thanksgiving is the Dressing..not stuffing but good ole fashion Turkey Dressing.

What I am most thankful for:
I am thankful for my health and my sanity. But most importantly I am thankful that my two children are healthy, sane, and happy kids. My life is not perfect but I do embrace all of my little imperfections.



What are your thoughts on the Thanksgiving holiday?



Ciera Chantál