Ciera Chantál – MISSING!!!

I hope the above picture gives you an idea of where I’ve been.

I have been on a vacation, well it started off as a weekend getaway to Florida. Just to leave the cold, harshness that is Georgia in the winter time, lol…which isn’t all that bad.  After I returned home from my Florida vacay, my internet went down. I had to take a break from blogging, you know getting out of other people business and focusing on my own. During my short hiatus, I managed to work on my own personal writings. I caught up on reading, made new goals, wrote poetry, tried my hand at love…lol all in these 3 weeks. Yes baby, I have lived, I have saw, I WASSSSSSS HERE!!! Just had a Bey, moment. I am back now, ready to blog and be all up in everybody elses business again, lol.

Happy New Year

Impeccable Imperfections has been around for 2 years now.
This is our year!!!!

Love, Xo.
Ciera Chantál