Ciara Still Talking About Future, Says Love Can Make You Be Blind


Ciara is not exactly a person I’ll go to for relationship advice. She has had one too many failed relationships. I must admit, her current relationship with Future is cute. But he has babies popping up every minute, allegedly. If she stays with him she’ll be dealing with groupies and drama, which is not cute.

Cici stopped by Hot 97’s Morning Show to talk about her latest album and of course she talked about her love life. During the interview she revealed her stance on cheating. I believe that Ci would allow Future to go out and get his stick wet with another girl. Anything to make her cock-eyed boo happy…

Ciara on cheating:

First, we’re not even going to put that out in the universe.[…]At this point in my life, I don’t know what I’m going to say or do. [Have you left before for someone cheating?] Yes. Every time. Not instantly, because sometimes you don’t have full clarity and sometimes a person can lie so good that the lie sounds kind of true so you don’t really grasp what the reality is. When you get to the place within yourself like, I’m not dumb, then you have the strength to be like, I’m okay. Then you have the strength to say, ‘I’m out.’ Love can make you be blind.



  • Che
    that last quote is not even Ciara’s words, it’s a statement from a basketball player’s wife. if you’re just going to copy and paste from other blogs at least have the decency to read it or watch the damn interview you posted.
  • Che
    LOL good edit….
    • lol…yea, I was at work when I did this post…so you were right about what you said. I’ll do better in the future. I can admit when I am wrong.
  • yazmar
  • Diva Whispers
    they are super cute and love does make one go blind
  • She blind as hell dealing with all that baby mama drama lol!
  • I think she would stick with him too. Which is sad, because he didn’t stick with any of his three baby mamas, so . . .
    Well hopefully she wont encounter that in this relationship!!
  • HollywoodHiccups
    At least she is loyal!
  • MrsGrapevine
    Time will tell. One day at a time is the best answer, and not talking about it on every radio station is an even better option. But at least he’s not 50.
  • Twana Tells
    Future needs to slow his roll because 100 kids isn’t cute!

    Twana Tells