Ciara Is Still Talking About Fued With Rihanna



The Ciara and Rihanna beef is still going on. Even though both ladies seem to be delusional about why they are beefing. I wish these two girls would be adults and stop referencing each other. Maybe they should take the tension to the stage and do a full out dance off….well, Ciara would kill Rihanna. All this drama over what, where is the camaraderie between two woman that are both doing okay for themselves? The cattiness is ridiculous at this point. Ciara keeps answering questions about her relationship with Rih, I guess she does not think this is a problem.

In the video below Ciara talks more about the beef with Rihanna:

“That’s a small thing in the pond, in the pond of fish, I guess, you can say in my world. And the blessing is that right now, which is exciting for me, is my fans are really loving the music,” she said of “Body Party,” the lead single off her self-titled summer album.

She added, “[The fans are] really loving the record and the record’s been moving very fast. So, thanks to my fans. But, you know, I feel like that’s like a point zero percent of the equation. Like, it really doesn’t matter. Like, it doesn’t make or break me. It doesn’t do anything for me. It is what it is. It’s not even a distraction. It’s not a distraction.”


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  • I wish Ciara would hush about this beef already…. Damn she talk about it in every single interview
    • Angela
      Its not her fault that she keeps getting asked about it. She did not voluntarily bring it up.
  • I can’t with Ciara. She’s looking more and more desperate for attention. Like seriously? Why is she still talking bout Rihanna?! O_o
    • Angela
      Because they ASKED her?
  • DivaWhispers
    why are we still talking about Riara??? geesh BTW thats my name for those two lol
  • KiaSoto
    she needs to move on
  • At least she getting some air time.
  • Nicola Gossips
    Ciara has to talk about bigger stars just to get attention. The only other option would be to put out decent music, and clearly she can’t do that.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    I guess she is still talking about Rihanna because the situation really bothers her. I like her a lot more than I like Rihanna!