Chris Brown’s Main Course

Chris tweeted: I don't know what the hell I'm doing! Hungry????

So Chris Brown & his lady, Karrueche Tran are going strong. Karrueche wanted the world of twitter to know that her man, prepares meals for her, isn’t that sweet. Maybe she’s trying to one up Rihanna. The lyrics of the “Cake” song was enough to make the world wonder was Chris missing smacking Rih’s ass so bad that’ll he go back to her.

Everyone was looking at Karrueche, like “you really gonna let your man hop in the studio with his ex, and you’re cool with it.” Well maybe Karrueche knew that Chris, would find his way back home, like most dogs do.

She wanted to make it known that Chris was in the kitchen whipping up a hot plate for her. She tweeted this picture, saying “Yup.. Get mad!” Wonder was she taking subliminals at Rih.


Anywho, I doubt if Chris Cooked all this food. He is a country boy, but I don’t see it. Maybe there was a personal chef around somewhere?!  Karrueche is screaming to the world, she’s Chris’s main chick.