Chris Brown & Karrueche Back Together


Chris Brown and his own again off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran seem to be on again. The adorable duo recently got into a minor car accident. Chris hit someone from behind, nothing serious, not a lot of damaged done to either vehicles. This run proves that the young couple have been spending time together.



Chris and his good boo Rihanna recently split up. Rumor has it that Chris ran back to Karrueche and she was there ready to accept Breezy with open arms. Breezy and Karu were recently spotted hugging, kissing, and dancing pretty closely at an after party held in Las Vegas. Head over to our friends at Yazmar for pics and details of Chris & Karrueche spotted at the club.

  • DivaWhispers
    he needs to make up his mind…every time one pisses him off he shouldn’t be alowed to run to the other geesh…young women
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Wonder what Rihanna thinks, dude has to make his mind up!
  • I don’t think they ever really broke up. He was just using Riri for his career. Didn’t work though. LOL.
  • gossipdebunk
    Good luck with that.
  • KiaSoto
    they deserve each other
  • Twana Tells
    Good luck Karrueeche because soon as Rihanna ready to come back home Breezy will kick her to the curb
  • Tina Davis
    for the 2000 times
  • KiaSoto
    chris brown is confused he is also using facebook instead of twitter now too