Chris Brown Is Serious About Unifying Gangs


Chris Brown has been in the media a lot lately. He has not been seen in the best light. I am happy to see that the young man is doing something positive, even if it’s just a PR stunt to help his bad boy imagine.

Chris recently donated about 3,000 Reebok sneakers to the south L.A. youth as part of his “WE US: Walk Everywhere in Unity’s Shoes” campaign.

Brown visited neighborhoods in Compton and The Jungles housing projects in Los Angeles to personally give out 1,000 sneakers at each site, in an effort to remind young people that whenever and wherever they walk, they are a united community.

After the event Brown tweeted “ Thank you for allowing me to continue to inspire change in the world. Today was a great step forward! #UnityCampaign

Earlier this summer Brown announced that he was on a mission to unify gangs in Los Angeles and made that the focal point of his video “Don’t Think They Know” featuring the late singer Aaliyah. Now, as part of his Unity Campaign, Brown is working in cooperation with the L.A. City Mayors Office and the local gang reduction organizations to continue inspiring change in South Central LA.

Late last year Brown also launched his Symphonic Love Foundation and has worked closely with the Jenesse Center Domestic Violence Intervention Program which has helped more than 5,000 families break the cycle of violence.


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    I guess he’s trying to do better
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