Chantel Christie’s Attempt To Prove Draya’s Man Was Into Her By Uploading Screenshots From Orlando



Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel is really adamant about proving that Orlando Scandrick was trying to have relations with her. Chantel Christie is trying so hard to expose Orlando, but why? Clearly Draya is not going anywhere. If it was me I would just let the situation go. Chantel is Jackie’s daughter, so letting something go isn’t about to happen anytime soon.

Chantel uploaded screenshoots of her and Orlando texting. The text didn’t prove much, other than they Skyped each other. Chantel is young, so her immature actions are to be expected.



  • Will she just let it go? He still with Draya so move on honey.

  • This is sad as hell yo, this chick needs to go to church.

  • MrsGrapevine

    But why is she trying to compete with Draya? Who cares if she talked to Orlando, he obviously chose Draya, so what’s the point? They’ve been together for a year now. How did she happen to come across his path in the first place, I feel like this was a set up from the jump. On the show, it’s clear she hates Draya, but why, we don’t really know because it’s Jackie that’s the crazy one.

  • Y@zmar

    These broads are petty…

  • That’s from last year, perhaps he and Draya weren’t serious back then.She seems desperate.