Catch Up With Amina Buddafly & Peter Gunz Marriage & Pregnancy


Ya’ll Care Or Nah?

I just about forgot about Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz. They’ve been out of my mind since the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York, season was over. They are on my radar again because of a recent interview they did with S2Smagazine . I’ve learned that they are still married and Amina is about 5 months pregnant.


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Peep a few excerpts below:

Tracy: Amina, how hard was it to act like you two weren’t in a romantic relationship when you were actually married to him?

Amina: Oh, it was hard.

Peter: It was hard.

Amina: I only had to pretend that when we were shooting—especially that one scene that everyone hates me for. That was definitely difficult because I knew how it was going to look. But that was not something that I had to do on a regular basis. Peter and I were very open, even when he was still with the both of us, before we even started filming. He was very open with me, always out with me, holding hands, always introducing me as his wife when we performed together. I wasn’t feeling like I had to hide.

Peter: Yeah. That was a part of my shenanigans. You know Tara wasn’t on social networks. Tara didn’t start really doing social networks until we started agreeing to do the show. She opened up an Instagram and a Twitter and all of that.

Amina: But before she did, Peter and I would go back and forth on Twitter sometimes, and now that just can’t happen because she would read that.

Peter: When she got on, she went back and started going, “Wait a minute. What’s this picture? What’s this tweet?” So all of my lies and stuff that I was doing was coming out. And even though Tara and I might have been on bad terms, we didn’t break up. That’s what I didn’t tell Amina; I was still there. So when people say, “Amina, you had to know”: No. I would stay with Amina for sometimes two, three nights in a row.

Amina: Yeah. Like at least three, four nights a week. So I was like, “He cannot possibly be with her because she would know.”

Peter: I told Amina all types of crazy lies. So when people started bashing Amina, I felt it was my fault because they don’t know the level that I went through to tell these lies. So when she was getting the s#!tty end of the stick, I was like, “No, just put that all on me because she had no idea.” Even Tara, like, “Put it all on me. She had no idea. And I married Amina, so who’s going to question somebody that marries you?