Candid Conversations Event – Evolving After a Failed Relationship [Video]

The last Behind Closed Doors Candid Conversation event was a success. The topic of the night was Evolving After a Failed Relationship.

If you’ve never been to a BCD event you’re really missing out. The tone of show is very intimate and real. We had special guests to help ignite the conversation. The special guests were JYoung from All Eyez on Me, Director, Todd Uno, Reality Star, RoRo Johnson, Socialite, Tiffany Maiyon, and  Blogger Meek from When all the guest settled in we asked everyone to dig into our Behind Closed Doors box, to pick a question and share their answers. This breaks the ice and gets everyone comfortable and a little familiar with openness of the night. One question picked out of the box was “What does it mean to be a hoe?” Todd Uno answered “Women can date just like we date – but acting like you’re not getting tips when you are and you are having sex for financial gain is hoe behavior.”



As we broke the ice and began to indulge in the topic everybody was all in. Everyone was ready to give their opinions and advice. Everyone added to the topic whether we agreed on the statement or disagreed. The setting was not boring or anything like your typical panel conversation, it’s was super entertaining, everyone was laughing, eating, drinking, and just having a good time.


When the night came to a close we went around the room and asked everyone to give a piece of advice to the opposite sex. This was an awesome ending and I’m sure everyone took away something positive from the event.


Checkout some BTS clips below:

Our next event is July 13th at The MBAR Atlanta. The topic is FLIRTY AND DIRTY in honor of my 30th birthday!! This is one event that you don’t want to miss. Hope to see you guys soon.