Burning Sage Cleanse


I’ve always been intrigued by the art of burning sage and removing bad spirits aka smudging.

I’m not going to say I believe spirits live in my home, but I do believe in bad vibes. I recently regained my peace in my sanctuary so to celebrate this experience, I went out to my favorite herbal store and purchased sage, along with a ton of other herbs, but that’s another story for another time.

So being new to “smudging” I asked the clerk how exactly do I use this sage stick? She proceeds to tell me, to deep clean my house open windows, doors, cabinets closets, light the sage, walk into each room and let the smoke cleanse the room while saying a prayer. Then she goes on to say that at the end of all this, take the ashes and draw a cross on the doorway of the home, to get rid of bad spirits and to allow the good spirits to take over. Um, ma’am…Nah. *My thoughts.*

Here is a brief lesson on smudging: Smudging is the burning of herbs with the intent to bring about/manifest a desired change in one’s emotions, thoughts, surroundings and reality. Smudging is a golden thread that connects and runs through all cultures, religions and belief systems and has been practiced throughout the millennia.

I believe that the smudge stick and the act of smudging, along with focus and intent, creates a powerful tool which allows you to take responsibility for your own Self-empowerment/reality by working with your higher-self and the elemental energies of the Earth to manifest your greatest joy.

I honestly think you can burn sage for whatever reason you want, you do not even have to have a reason. Say whatever you feel rather it’s a prayer, a personal mantra, or whatever your heart desires. Walk in each room of your home and let the smoke fill the room while the windows are open, allowing the bad vibes to exit.