Boycotting Bad Girls Club | #BGC14



I hate to admit it but Bad Girls Club is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have been watching the show for years. Now that I am fully grown, I know that the girls on this show have some deep rooted issues that sometimes lead them into the wrong directions. The girls love to act a total fool on national tv in front of impressionable young girls.

The shenanigans that went on BGC14 with The Clarimont Twins  Shannon, Shannade and Jela was ridiculous.  If you missed what happened; watch the show below:

Bad Girls Club Season 14 – A Royal Tumble


First off, I feel like the producers edited the girls to appear stuck up and above the others. However confidence is something everyone should have. No— I do not agree with the girls flaunting and rubbing the fact they were financially secure in the faces of the other 20something girls, but that did not warrant them getting their things trashed and ruined.

Everything is not race driven, but I find it ironic how the producers did not step in to stop the madness while the other girls were away. What Lauren and the other nameless females did was vandalism.  If the victims of this crime would have been white, I wonder if they would have gotten kicked off of the show?

I will no longer be watching this season and if Jela and The Twins are not apart of the Reunion Show, I will not be watching that either.


Oxygen played us. They only showed like 2 seconds of what really happen and you know what I’m pissed. Plus they kick of Jela and the Twins because they threaten the other girls after they found there stuff ruined and stuff in body fluids. Producers y’all ain’t shit for that. Check out episode 7 below. And stay tune for more info of what happened below.

Lauren you ain’t shit and that why Jela rocked your ass. I just wished Oxygen showed it. Kat you’re lame and never should of been casted. Why you runnin up on girls trying to jump. Sit you lame ass down. Jass you ole scary ass girl. Had all that mouth and didn’t do ish. At least Jenna ran up on the Twins. She’s lame too. Y’all girls wanted to act big and bad and got real scared when y’all came back to mansion. Y’all four can have a seat because what y’all did was foul and nasty.