‘Bout That Life | Keyshia Cole Goes In On Sister Neffe & Threatens To Slap A B*****


Keyshia Cole is obliviously fed up with her sister Neffeteria ‘Neffe’ Pugh.  We first saw the sister’s seemingly close realtionship on Keyshia’s BET reality show ‘Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is‘ a few years ago. The sisters have not been closed in awhile. Neffe did not attend Keyshia’s wedding ceremony, which could have been the start of this sister feud. Neffe recently wrote a book entitled ‘Price I Paid’ which is a memoir of the reality star’s life. From what I gathered, Neffe penned something about her sister, that Keyshia didn’t appreciate.



Keyshia expressed her feelings via twitter. She got a little hood in her tweets. I think that she really cares about her sister and she’s clearly  hurt. Checkout the tweets below:



Neffe decided to take the high road and respond in a Christian like way, peep tweets below:


What do you think about this sister squabble?