Blonde Ambition: Who Scored Impeccable Moments Beyonce, Ashanti, Tamar Braxton Or Ciara


To be unique is a thing of the past. Seem like a lot of the African American female artist are adapting to the same look. Short blonde bob’s are clearly in, Ciara, Beyonce, Ashanti, and Tamar Braxton all sported the same hair style to the Grammy Awards.


All of the girls looked great. My favorite has to go to Ashanti. She definitely was having an Impeccable Moment. The hair was slayed beyond and so was her makeup.


Beyonce’s bob was created by celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble. She shared the above picture on her Instagram, stating that Bey’s look was 1920s inspired. Honestly this isn’t my favorite look on Beyonce. The hair with that gown, wasn’t meshing well in my opinion.


Ciara looked great. She  had that pregnancy glow going on. Out of all these ladies, CC was the first with the blonde bob, so 2 snaps to her for being an originator.


Tamar Braxton‘s lacefront was giving me old lady tease. I think she borrowed her Mom’s wig. Hi Momma Evelyn.