Blac Chyna Launches Eyelash Line & Makeup101 Classes


Blac Chyna continues to extend her brand. She has officially launched her own line of eyelash extensions ‘Lashed by Blac Chyna’  as well as a new website On the new site you can register for a 1 on 1 makeup class with celebrity makeup artist, Angel Merino and Brittany Duet. Classes will be held in Califronia, head over to for more information.



Chyna’s beauty ventures can be a real moneymaker for the beautiful mother, model, and entrepreneur. Lashes are a staple amongst many makeup artist as well as everyday women and some fabulous men.





Lashes/cosmetics fall right inline with Blac Chyna’s brand. Her face is always beat. Bangs are apart of her signature look, which draws people to look at her eyes. Her lashes are always on point. I’m sure there are several people who would love to have a piece of Blac Chyna’s look, now it is possible