#BirthdayBehavior K. Michelle Shows Off Her Titts


K. Michelle is quite the fire cracker. The singer/reality star showed out for Instagram in honor of her birthday. K. thought it would be cool if she posted a picture of herself in her birthday suit. I guess she was her own big booty ho*.

My question is who took the picture? She always claim that her ‘hot pocket’ is broken maybe it’s just ran threw? (Let me stop because I like K. but she’s becoming a stunt queen more & more as the days go by).


Click here for photo

What’s ya’ll think of her steamy photo? Hot or Not!

  • KiaSoto
    everyone needs attention I guess
  • She’s a freak I see
  • Ooh Get it K. Michelle, The fans will go crazy
  • Somebody go get this chick a glass of water please, she is very thirsty right about now.
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Ughh I just hate these famewhores, go away!
  • MrsGrapevine
    Her breast are practically out in all of her chest plunging outfits, so this pic actually covers more of breast than her outfits.
  • twanatells
    i like K Michelle because her attitude right now is really no phucks given lol
  • Doing the most.
  • guess she’d have to do that to stay relevant. her mixtape and album were really good though. such a shame
  • She’s so desperate for attention.