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This week everyone has formed an opinion regarding Chris Brown and Rihanna remixes of ‘Turn Up The Music’ & ‘Birthday Cake’. I personally enjoyed both songs. But there are several people out in the world, simply furious with the collaborations.

RiRi and Chris make great music together, but I will have to admit this might not be such a good look for RiRi. The singles may sell and do well, but I’m sure people out there will lose respect for her. Public image is everything. Neither of the two have really fully bounced back from the “beating” incident. All in All It’s ok to forgive and forget but could you be cool with your beater? I know things happen like this everyday, they are public figures and the way the situation is handled will always be judged.

Recently artist/producer The Dream sat down with Sway and discussed the very matter of Chris and Rihanna.

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Sway: Did you guys always know that Chris would be a feature on the song?
No, I didn’t know he would always be a feature on this song. Eventually, I would; of course, I would have to know. This song came about and ended up being an interlude on the album because the last day, the last time that we had remaining, I think I was in Amsterdam, which we stopped over in Amsterdam for some reason…..and I wrote this record. Everybody that knows me knows that I only write up until the first hook because I think you’re wasting your time if nobody likes it up until then. What’s the point in writing the whole song [because] you’re just wasting time. So I write up until the first hook and that’s all that was there and we ran out of time but she loved the song so much that she was like, “I have to record whatever is here and we’ll make it an interlude” with the thought that we think it may be a single but we wasn’t tripping. Then she put it out and everybody got pissed off . That’s how the song part began and how she got to the Chris Brown part is probably all Ri … I remember her mentioning it. At the end of the day, she’s my friend, so whatever she wants to do is whatever she wants to do and we made it happen.

How did Rihanna tell you Chris Brown was going to be on the Birthday Cake Remix?
Very nonchalant. I was in the car actually in Miami and driving. “What’s up? I think I’m going to put Chris on it,” [says Rihanna]. I don’t know which Chris you’re talkin’ about, but OK, cool, whatever you say. Then she didn’t say anything else about it and it happened. Full Episodes