Beyonce Fans Will Be Shocked To Know….


It is hard to believe that Beyonce is finding herself lost in this new era.

Beyonce is undoubtedly the top performer of my generation, but with a whole new generation of hipsters formulating, the pop diva has to figure out ways to remain relevant.

It is hard to believe that some will consider Kim Kardashian and Beyonce on the same scale of celebrity relevancy. I know that a lot of you are reading that last statement, in total disagreement.

Beyonce has a new strategy to remain on top. She’s planning on releasing remixes to several of her songs, from her self-titled platinum selling cd, Beyonce.

She released the remix to ‘***Flawless’ featuring Nicki Minaj. Now it is being rumored that Beyonce enlisted Rihanna to be featured on the remix to ‘Blow.’

Beyonce is taking the Diddy route, surrounding her self around what’s hot now to keep her flame from flaring down.


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