Beyonce & Blue Ivy’s Hair Get Backlash From Black Twitter


New photos hit the web today of Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy. The Carter’s were vacating in Spain minding their own business, when paparazzi caught them entering their yacht looking a bit of a mess. In my opinion both Beyonce and Blue looks like they need some pink moisturizer in their hair. Hair shouldn’t be that dry. Black twitter noticed and booked both Bey & Blue for absolute filth.



Maybe they went a little too far talking about a child. She can’t help the way her hair looks. It’s not all that bad, but it looks like no one is putting in effort in her hair. A part of childcare is grooming your kid. Blue never looks like her hair is combed.





Beyonce knows she can do something with that child’s head…she should really do something with hers as well, the bob doesn’t look right.