Behind The Scenes With Draya Michele: #BLAMEDRAYA


We often see Basketball Wives: LA star,  Draya Michele out being a socialite, looking gorgeous. Truth be told Draya is really turning into a professional business lady. The reality star recently released a behind the scenes video of her grinding it out for her clothing line ‘Fine A$$ Girls’. Draya takes her viewers on a day in the life of her working to get things in order, for her winter line. We get to see her getting her business woman swag on as being the CEO of her own company. In the video she claims she gets up at 7:30 am check Instagram to get motivated…Really, girl. Instagram fueling your drive. What about your son…


Draya writes:

Hi guys!!!!! I’m releasing a series of webisodes of stuff about my life that you won’t see on TV. Just me and my hard work, also, a lot of work went into these videos from myself and @andreladon .. Hope you guys enjoy and appreciate. The link to the first episode is in my bio!!!!!



Ya’lll about to buy some F.A.G. or nah?

    Draya looks cute. I respect her hustle.
  • Firecracker
    She’s looking better than ever.
  • MrsGrapevine
    She never had any problems in the looks department, glad she’s capitalizing off her natural talents, and turning it into a future.
  • I see why people fail. She’s running her business from 7:30 to 1? which really means 10 am to 1 – and she’s done for the day? Two stops and that’s it? SMDH
  • HollywoodHiccups
    Nice looking girl!
  • KiaSoto
    nah lol
  • nah lol
  • twanatells
    Draya is a pretty girl I guess I respect her hustle
  • HollywoodHiccups
    She certainly in good shape!
  • Gossipthat
    Draya Draya, lol
  • Exactly who is checking for her clothing line? How many strippers could there be out there?