Behind Closed Doors – Candid Conversations [LIVE FILMING]

Come out and support the ladies of Behind Closed Doors, Ciera Chantál and Key, Thursday May 18th at the MBar Atlanta.



Behind Closed Doors goal is to create a space whereby both men and women are encouraged to come together to have a real, authentic conversation without prejudice and preconceived biases. The tone of our interactive events are fun, light and entertaining as opposed to harsh, boring and over critical.

It is our mission to bring Candid Conversation to life by creating upscale high caliber social settings which are hosted in world class venues.  Our elite panelists possess the ability to keep the viewers entertained by engaging in compelling conversations.We always deliver a good time while enlightening and empowering.



If you want to experience a different, more interactive panel about dating, relationships, and sex come out to the MBar! You will have the most amazing time and it’s absolutely free!!! Tomorrow @ 8pm start! Live filming!!! Join or exclusive guests @amy_luciani @mssinabina @mrsgijane @real_la_familia @misterindiana @jay.borders