Becca Foundations For Deeper Tones


As a woman of color with a deeper complexion as well as combination to oily skin I am always on the look out for a good foundation. There are some products that work great for me and others that are absolute trash.

According to different blogs many young ladies suffer with finding the “perfect” foundation. Oily skin is pretty common among all women, however dark-skinned girls who have oily skin tend to also have enlarged pores, which can lead to extra oil production.

The Becca Ever-Matte Foundation is working well for me. The Mahogany shade matched my complexion impeccably. I am very oily in my T-Zone area. The matte finish is not over-bearing. It lives up to it’s name because this is a true, mattifying foundation that’s long lasting. Unlike other shades or products, this foundation does not have my face looking/feeling ashy or dry. In contrast I think I look very even toned and fresh.

Watch my video below of reviewing the product:


No matter what type of makeup I am using on my face, I find it very important to take care of my skin underneath all of that cover up. July is so hot in Georgia. I have to be sure to exfoliate on a regular basis. I have been having breakouts a lot, so I have been trying different things to get my face back on track. However that’s to be discussed at a later time.