Beauty Tip: Black Soap For Clear Acne Free Skin



Skin care is a vital part of my beauty routine. In my opinion, clear healthy skin sets the foundation for flawless makeup. I am constantly on the lookout for  different products to add to my daily face routine. I like to experiment.  I’ve found that washing my face with only Black Soap has given me the best results. I have never been one to have acne prone skin. For the most part, my skin has been pretty clear, besides breakouts here and there due to birth control.

Every now and again, I do extra things such as use exfoliates, mask’s, and different face washea/cleansers.  I do this only to make myself feel like I am doing something, I like to give myself facials. If you’re looking for a staple product to add to your skin care routine I strongly suggest all natural Black Soap. My skin stays clear with the use of black soap and drinking lots of water (which I haven’t been doing lately).




Black soap, or African Black Soap is made up of dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder, and kernel oil and has been used for generations as a natural remedy for acne, eczema, body odor, and to alleviate oily skin. Its many uses include using it as a body soap for cleansing or lathering and using it as a shampoo.

Natural black soap is actually brown and not black (funny, I know). It is a natural source of vitamins A & E, iron and an all-natural cleanser works for all skin types, from rough to sensitive, and is said to keep skin smooth and hydrated–but without increasing oily skin for those prone to it. It gives your face a deep cleansing leaving it fresh, and healthier. It helps work against premature signs of aging and wrinkles, alleviates bumps and spots, is great for removing makeup, and is good for deep cleaning without drying out or irritating skin. It can be used by any ethnicity and for men or women.