Beauty Tip: BB Cream For Deeper Complexions



BB Creams (short for blemish creams) are a great alternatives for girls who don’t want the heavy coverage of a liquid foundation. In addition to hydrating and evening out skin tones, BB creams also treat the skin with antioxidants or other anti-aging ingredients. There are several different beauty brands that carry BB Creams but not many have the right shades for the vast skin tones of African American women.



During the warmer months my skin tend to be oilier than normal. I can use powder and concealer and be a happy camper, but sometimes I want my makeup to look more complete without using liquid foundation. I decided to try Kiss New York Aqua BB Cream.




The product work. It provides just enough coverage without having to use a lot. I must admit that my oil did break through. I used the product without a primer. I have to find a good primer, now that the weather is changing.



Checkout My Video Below:


  • I’ve tried only one BB cream, Bobbi Brown, wasn’t a fan. I don’t they think have enough shades out there for proper colour matches on black skin. I’ve resorted to cutting my Makeup Forever high definition foundation with moisturizer for a lighter look.
    • Tay
      Try Sleek´s BB cream. They have shades for darker women.
    • Thanks.
  • Anonymous
    You’re like, 5 shades lighter with the bb cream. They don’t make them in darker colors? I’d need darker colors.