Basketball Wive’s Star Laura Govan’s Talks About Engagement, Reality TV, Extreme Weight Loss + More


Once the new season of Basketball Wives: LA hit the air waves, people were buzzing about Laura Govan’s new look. She’s lost a lot of weight since last year. Laura is looking great and healthy after lossing an amazing 90 pounds, which isn’t easy to do naturally, but she says it was easy for her.

The reality diva seem to be in a happy place in her life. Recently she did an interview with UPTOWN Magazine that answered a lot of questions we’ve wanted to know.



UPTOWN: First off, congratulations on your engagement. Tell us about it.
Laura: We actually got engaged a few years ago. But to be fresh and new the engagement this time seemed to be more meaningful. It came with growth. It made it sexier and better. We’re more in love. We are super-excited. We want to do an intimate wedding. It’s not something we want to share publicly. He designed the ring himself. It is 23-carats. It speaks for itself.

UPTOWN: Now, how did you go from breaking up and moving to LA to getting engaged?
Laura: I definitely think that the separation helped. It helped in reuniting. We have four kids together – we’re always going to be connected. I didn’t have any intentions or plans of coming back. It’s funny how God works. When we saw each other, we knew. It was the same love — and better.

UPTOWN: What works best in a relationship?
Laura: You have to pay your dues. You have to learn to love each other and respect each other. It doesn’t come easy. If you are willing to put in the time to work, it will work. It is all about growth. I hate when people complain about it and don’t put in the time.

UPTOWN: How is your relationship with Gloria? What has she been doing?
Laura: First of all, we’re sisters — don’t get it twisted — we fight, we go at each other and we are honest with each other. But we are open and you will see it. I have five brothers and four sisters. There were times where I didn’t talk to my sister. We’re not trying to sugarcoat anything. I think most people can relate because a lot of people go through what we go through. If we are beefing or not, I still have her back. And Gloria is doing great. She’s moved into the acting thing and is doing great.

UPTOWN: What are your thoughts on Royce Reed’s open letter about Basketball Wives and the rumors of boycotting the show?
Laura: You know what, people get misconstrued about what reality TV is about? You should be thankful that people allow you to be in their lives. It’s not harmony everyday. They only give you what viewers really want. For people to boycott only brings more attention to the show. It is entertainment; take it for what it is. Go into the urban communities to see what’s going on instead of trying to criticize us – it is what it is. For me it is entertainment. Don’t take it so seriously and literally.

UPTOWN: Laura you look amazing. Ninety pounds isn’t a little amount of weight to lose. How’d you do it?
Laura: Well, naturally I was 117 pounds. Within three months of delivering my first child, I was back to my natural size. As I’ve had more and more children the weight stayed on. I had to change my mind first. I had to make up my mind that I wanted to lose weight, but I still ate like I was pregnant. Once I finally made up my mind, I took those goals and I ran with them. I am an athlete. I play basketball and trained at every level. I had to learn to work out with my children. I changed my diet. I changed who I was and it just came off. You really have to change your mind and attitude and everything else will follow. I enjoy working out.

UPTOWN: What’s next for Laura? Any plans beyond Basketball Wives LA?
Laura: I came on the show with no agenda. Right now, I am working on a DVD for my weight loss, children’s books and a clothing line for after pregnancy. I am a mother first, and I got a head coaching job and I couldn’t take it because I had just got pregnant again. Basketball somewhere and coaching is in my future.

UPTOWN: Where do you stand with the other cast members?
Laura: Last year was last year. Did I get to know them 100 percent? Absolutely not. There are some that I am close with – I have no intentions of going into it, not talking to anyone. I will keep my guard up. I don’t have any quarrels with anyone. I am good with everybody.

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