Basketball Wives Season 4

The coonery of all coonery is back on television. Basketball Wives is back on television and we’re watching.

The season previews, shows a lot of messy fighting and pure unlady like behavior. I have to admit, the Basketball Wives Bitter Ball Hopefuls, are entertaining. Watching the shows is almost like watching a train wreck waiting to happen. All they do is fight, argue, and have meetings about the fighting/arguing. Is this really what makes good t.v. or good ratings?

The first episode was full of drama. It was very stupid and fake to me, but I can’t wait to see the moments leading up to the infamous slap, placed ever so rudely on Jennifer’s face, by Evelyn’s assistant.

The drama is real. The drama is rudimentary. But yet the show is one of the highest rated on the VH1 network.