Basketball Wives: LA Season 3 [Flock Of Insecure Women]

The imagery of black women on television is horrific. There are seldom any positive roles on scripted television. Women of color is portrayed even worse on reality TV.

This season of Basketball Wives: LA is not any different. The season opens up with story lines involving insecure women (who need to sit down with Iyanla).

First we see Malaysia Pargo visiting Draya, at her new house. This is an upgrade for Draya, who in past seasons was trying to relocate her son and mom out to LA. Draya and Malaysia talk about Draya’s growth. Her new life comes equip with a brand new boy, Orlando Scandrick.


Draya says she feels like Orlando is the one for her, which she hopes will lead to marriage. Draya shares that she does not trust Orlando. She says she has trust issues as well as security issues. Many girls that date athletes have these same problems. I feel like Draya looks great and confident on the outside, but on the inside she is a lost scared woman, who ultimately needs guidance and reassurance that she is worth it.

Cut to Jackie Christie (crazy a**). Things are getting better between Jackie and her daughters. Seems like she craves attention and wants to be a big sister figure, to the younger basketball wives. If you ask me she wants a group of little girl minions. That’s exactly what she has by running around with all these grown little girls.

Jackie meets up with British Williams who is a firecracker.  British comes out and reveals to Jackie that she does not trust her fiancé Lorenzo Gordon. Brittish is proud that Lorenzo is her first professional athlete boyfriend (mind you, he doesn’t even play for the NBA). Brittish made a valid statement when she says she thinks all men cheat, I have these same thoughts. I feel that men have the urge to cheat, but it’s up to their will power and strength to suppress those thoughts in order to not cheat. What I don’t agree with is Brittish statement that she doesn’t care if her man is cheating as long as she doesn’t find out about it. Are you not good enough to want, demand, and have loyalty from a man?

“If I don’t feel it, see it, or think it how can I care?”

-Brittish Williams


The last chick I want to touch on from the premiere episode is Ariene, Deshawn Stevenson’s exgirlfriend of 8 years. The girl clearly is not secure with her sexuality, saying that she’s not 100% on board with the gay/lesbian community, and then she turns around and says she likes to mess with women. Girl, bye.

Ariene tries to attack Draya for going on national tv (Wendy Williams Show) and claiming that she was in a serious relationship with her kid’s dad, Deshawn. Ariene says she doesn’t want to be considered a baby momma, but she surely was acting like one.  Draya basically checks Ariene by stating that Deshawn isn’t with either of them, so they shouldn’t have anything to talk about it. Both of them are or should be past Deshawn, whether he is Ariene’s baby daddy or not, because he is about to marry another chick.

Watch the full episode below.


The new season of Basketball Wives is going to be all about the drama. Some of these women look like they will do anything to be on television, including and not limited to making a complete fool out of themselves.

  • twanatells
    You should have said a flock of insecure birds
  • I agree with Twana. Lol
  • Twana Tells you are crazy lol lol lol. One thing I do not is that this show is going to be off the chain for real.
  • everyone’s talking about this week’s episode. i watched the show for the first time this week and found it super boring
    • MrsGrapevine
      It had it’s moments, but for the most part it was boring.
    • I really didn’t get the concept. So all these women do is sit down, have one-to-one chats about who is a hoe and who is not a hoe and then they fight. Then they share their fears about their ballers cheating on them. LOL.
      I love me some ratchetness but this is not my type of ratchet.
    • MrsGrapevine
      YEP! That’s pretty much the plot for the whole season. It’s pretty boring in between the fights.
  • Damn I missed it
  • MrsGrapevine
    This was too much for me on day one…with these women marrying cheating men, and being OK with it because they have some status, granted it’s overseas status, but I guess…
  • KiaSoto
    this season is gonna be crazy
  • I’m over these shoes. Tired of black women acting the fool on television.
  • TouristMeetsTraveler
    I am so over this. It is a mystery to me who watches this trainwreck of a show.
  • it was definitely juicy. I guess the drama is what draws us to these shows even though they represent black women in a horrible light. it’s so hard to completely turn away..