Basketball Wives: LA Episode 6 Review [The Black Eye Seen Around The World]



Lately on VH1’s Basketball Wives: LA the drama has been getting very real. The girls decided to take a mini vacay to Palm Springs, to try to mend broken relationships. Their plan to come together and have a kumbaya moment was totally ruined and blew up in flames right in front of the cameras.

Draya Michele and Malaysia show up a little buzzed, but it seem like they were ready to put the BS aside in order to enjoy themselves. Their buzzed was quickly blown when Jackie Christie stirred the pot and all hell broke loose. Sundy started to antagonize Draya by asking her why did she even come, because her demeanor looked like she did not want to be there. Sundy had to have a big chip on her shoulder from the jump because she immediately started hitting below the belt by, calling Draya by her stripper name, “Miami!” Draya proved that she wasn’t nobodies punk, she got in Sundy’s faces and they started to really go in. Sundy even brought up Draya’s son and her parenting skills. One line that irritated me, is when Sundy whack a** told Draya at least my kids go to private school, show your son something different than what you had (she is such a judgmental beech).




Sundy dares Draya to come around the sofa and Draya quickly hoped over that couch and punched Sundy dead in her eye, causing her to have the fattest black eye (ever).

The fight was just a hot mess, but honestly Sundy had it out for Draya from the get go. It served her right to be walking around with that black eye. The girls with the biggest mouths always get knocked out. That mouth can’t protect you from real hands. After the fight she started screaming about how Draya fought dirty. No Draya did not fight dirty! Sundy asked Draya to jump around that couch, she just wasn’t expecting Draya to really do it.




Everything cools off and Sundy tries to be friendly with Draya and finally squash beef. People always want to be cool with somebody after they get beat up. These ladies are grown, they should really find better ways of dealing with problems.