Basketball Wives: LA – Draya Blacks Sundy’s Eye In Fist Fight?


The latest episode of Basketball Wives: LA was not all that interesting but next week’s episode is going to be entertaining. Tonight, I was growing tired of the same story lines being revisited over and over. Like we get it, the group is divided. Brittish Williams is childish, Draya feels wronged because Jackie Christie put her business out, and Brandi needs camera time (but why with that dry personality?) and so does Jackie’s side kick, Sundy Carter.


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Brandi and Malaysia decided to sit down with Sundy  in hopes of bringing the group together.  The girls decide that they would go on a group trip together (drama waiting to happen). They also thought it would be best to leave little thick tink British, at home because of all the drama she has been in the midst of creating. Honestly the vacation idea was terrible. No one is walking into the situation thinking peace, they all thinking about the possible drama so I don’t understand why they would go forward with this idea (selling souls to producers or nah). Positivity is like an oxymoron when you’re referencing these ladies.



Next weeks episode seems like it’s going to be good and by good I mean drama filled.  Draya and Sundy Carter get into an argument that leads to a fight. From the previews, it looked like Draya was scared she was going to get that butt whooped, but I guess her alter-ego, Miama (former stripper name) came out and beat Sundy’s old as*.

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Peep some of Draya’s tweets below: