Bad Girls Club Jenn Gets Put On Blast By Her Baby Daddy [AGAIN: NSFW Nudes]


Jennifer Hardwick, the winner of Bad Girl’s All Star Battle and star of Bad Girls Club: Atlanta is having problems with her child’s father, some rapper named Lace Official (real name Scott). The two have one child together, daughter Emery.



Apparently Jenn was busy celebrating her birthday in New Orleans for All-Star Weekend, while Lace was at home, wanting to see his child. He posted a nude picture of Jenn saying: “I got a million and one things I could show to the world but would that bring Emery to me?” If that was the case, why post one picture. Lace is a young guy, with a young guy’s mentality. Why would you disrespect your child’s mother on social media? I hope that he does not think that this makes him look good because it doesn’t.



This isn’t the first time these two had public arguments. Lace posted a screen shot from their sextape to twitter. Jenn exposed him, she claimed that he cheated on her, stole from her and beat her. After that argument died down a little, she got back with him.


Please be careful who you lay down with, because people are wreckless.

  • Wow, what the hell did she do to get put on blast like that.
    • veronica
      Just made a name for herself and having fun. Men cant stand that. I bet any kind of money its not about the baby its the simple fact that shes partying and having fun!!! Young Men Suck childish
  • Why would he want the world to see his chick like that?!? Smdh
  • This is some crazy ISH!!
  • she’s sexy as fu– never mind. LOL!
    Jenn got that $100k in check
  • MrsGrapevine
    She’s showed more on the show, and for the record no one wants to see his hairy crotch. NO ONE!!!
  • twanatells
    Wow men can be immature smh
  • cottenkandi
    Wow bitchy men are the worst. smh
    • I agree. What a ridiculous thing to do your child’s mother.
  • they need to keep this private
  • smh…so messy.