Bad Girls Club: Jenn and Blu Are Dating



Does anybody still watch the Bad Girls Club?

I watch Bad Girls Club just to see how ignorant these little girls act. It’s almost shameful. The girls on this show stay fighting over nonsense and ganging up on girls just because they want fame, popularity and of course more camera time.

Jennifer Hardwick and BGC season 12 Blu are a couple. I figured something in the water wasn’t clean by the way they obsess over each other on social media.

Jenn as we all know has a little girl with rapper Young Lace. I guess after their nasty breakup, she had to switch teams. I wonder if her current lesbian setup is confusing for her cute little girl.

Here’s the run down per Oxygen:

“Jenn and I are officially together.
She flirted with me on Twitter one day. I flirted back. We exchanged numbers and conversed for a minute, then we just so happened to be in L.A. at the same time, so we linked! That’s been my big head baby ever since. We’re both genuine and that’s hard to find now a days. We’re still getting to know each other, which is hard living in two different states, but it’s all worth it I think. There’s a subconscious trust there. We enjoy our personal lives outside of the fame sometimes I forget we’re both well known! It’s hard, especially since I’m said to be a “player” so I’m definitely working hard to do the right thing.”