Azealia Banks Performs At Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

I’m getting excited about the state of female hip hop. A lot of new artist are popping up on the scene. One of the most buzz worthy female rappers is newbie Azealia Banks. I have to admit, I first heard of her when she went on a twitter rant dissing Iggy Azalea And I wasn’t a fan of the bitterness. Azealia Banks is a talented artist. I hope that her career takes off, in a major way. It would be a good look for hip hop.

The lively hip hop new comer hit the 2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival and performed. Critics are talking and she’s getting a lot of positive reviews. See the performance below:

Now the only thing we need to do, is get homegirl a stylist.I am not feeling her purple wavy locks. Nor am I here for the striped black and white outfit that looks like it came from American Apparel. Image can’t be everything, but I hope that she gets a more defined look that’s fashionable.