Azealia Banks & Miley Cyrus Twitter Beef Over Twerking


Miley Cyrus feels like she’s super hot sh*t with the hip hop crowd every since Jay Z mentioned her name on his song ‘Somewhere In America’ from the Magna Carta Holy Grail. I for one am tired of Miley. I feel like she’s making a mockery of things she knows nothing about, just to be cool and sell records. Clearly I am not the only one of feels like this.

Rapper, Azealia Banks went on twitter today to basically bash ‘wiggers’. She stated how she feels about ‘white girls’ commercializing ‘twerking’. Now she didn’t exactly call  Miley’s name, but people made their assumptions. This could have been innocent. Miley took offense to Azealia’s little rant & Jay Z himself retweeted Miley..hmph! Azealia is always feuding with someone. I sure she offended some of her fans.


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All I can say is a hit dog will holla but a hit b*tch will call the police.

  • MrsGrapevine
    I’m little mad at Jay-Z for that, but then again it was Miely who first put Jay-Z on… #PARTYINTHEUSA
  • Really???!?!?!?!?!
    I understand where Azealia is coming from but she has the worst way to articulate anything. And yes, kinda mad at Jay Z for that too. Okay I get a white girl twerking (esp a pop star in mainstream media) is a big deal. It changes the perception of the little white girl from Tennessee (or wherever she’s from) however stop bigging white ppl up for doing what black ppl/girls have always done. It’s like when white ppl do it it’s like “OMG!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THAT JUST SOOO EXCEPTIONAL WOWOW”!!! Stop that shit!